NOLA NOVA started out as a crazy idea of 2 young sisters. Founders Angelique and Marjolein van ‘t Weer both have a creative background and were looking for a way to express their vision in a fashionable way. They really wanted to make a statement in the big industry called 'fashion'.

The believe that you can create your own world. Create it with attitude and be yourself. It is important to be the best you can be. To stand up for what you believe in and go after the things you want to accomplish. Show the world who you are. What do you like? Who do you love? What do you dislike? What are you thinking this very second?

Say it! Shout it! Express it!

That’s when NOLA was born. The alter ego of the sisters. NOLA experiences NOVA (which means 'new' in Latin) things that helps her to become the person she is or wants to be. She can be a super powerfull heroine, a feminist who fight for womens rights. A young heart who lives to party, a rebel, a wild thing or just a cool girl who loves to hang out with here friends.

All her experiences are an inspiration to make the best graphics. Mixing this with the laid back Los Angeles lifestyle wich results in streetwear collections existing of easy to wear tops, tees and sweaters. Every style makes a clear statement. By wearing NOLA NOVA you can express yourself and send a message to the people around you.

And what a statement they have made! Within a few years NOLA NOVA is now in more than 40 shops throughout the Benelux and in several online shops. Every season more retailers. bloggers and celebrities worldwide discover this special brand. NOLA NOVA offers a wide range of tops, tees and sweaters made of high quality fabrics. From their headquarters in Amsterdam. NOLA NOVA launches four collections a year.




Haagweg 444,
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